Reason to Visit #1

Scandinavianish themed region with many spots to explore, relax after a long day, or dance at the Tipsy Goat. For the photographers there are many posing opportunities. All are welcome, and don't forget to bring your camera with you!

Reason to Visit #2

Our sim is equipped with a riding track that climbs over 3,565m. Perfect for motorcycles and wide enough for cars! Come by, test the track out, and/or schedule a rideout for your crew! 

Reason to Visit #3

We created this region with one goal in mind, to make friends. You won't find a more friendly group in Second Life, than the people that use Grumpy Goats & Viking Boats. Come see for yourself.

Grumy Goats & Viking Boats is Home of: 

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Click here to find out information about our events we will be having every weekened in August.

About Us

Our region has been around for over a year and is home to the Dixie Outlaws Motorcycle Club, World Chapter and Midgard Chapter. However, we do plan on finding a more permanent home, we plan to keep the theme. 

You will aslo find our bar, the Tipsy Goat, SnokisArt Gallery and many events throughout the year with the dance troup Sweet N' Sour!

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